All About Plugins

How to install a plugin:

Plugin Do-s and Don’t-s:

  • Update your installed plugins periodically, minor version updates should always be applied, and major version upgrades should be reviewed for breaking changes and then upgraded.
  • Check the review, compatibility and support option before installing a plugin.
  • If you pay for a plugin, be sure to buy it from the genuine seller and not from an unauthorised reseller.
  • Install free plugins from a reputed website like
  • Always have a backup plugin to back up your website.


  • Don’t use patched or nulled plugins. They often time has malicious code that steals your website data.
  • Don’t download free plugins from any other source than the official plugin repository.
  • Do not download plugins that have low rating, review or complaints from a lot of users. Remember the saying “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck”.
  • Don’t neglect upgrading plugins because the updates often contain important security fixes.
  • Don’t use plugins that are not updated for a long time. Those are abandonware. Even though they are not malicious in and of themselves, using them can lead to various security issues.

A note about PHP and site maintenance:

How many Plugins is too many:




EazyPlugins is the maker of WordPress Plugins that makes your life easy.

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EazyPlugins is the maker of WordPress Plugins that makes your life easy.

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